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SketchUp for Presentations Course

SketchUp for Presentations Course

SketchUp for Presentations Course

ProCAD delivers SketchUp for Presentations Courses in Australian Capital Cities

One of the Benefits of CAD is to Draw to Scale

Tthe ability to producing very accurate designs; drawings can be created in 2D or 3D and rotated; other computer programmes can be linked to the design software. With manual drafting, you must determine the scale of a view before you start drawing. This scale compares the size of the actual object to the size of the model drawn on paper.

With CAD, you first decide what units of measurement you will use, and then draw your model at 1:1 scale, should one of the main benefits of CAD.

Lay Out The Drawing Conveniently

Another Merit of CAD. When you draft manually, you first select a sheet, which usually includes a pre-printed border and title block. Then you determine the location for views' plans, elevations, sections, and details. Finally, you start to draw.

With CAD, you first draw your design, or model, in a working environment called model space. You can then create a layout for that model in an environment called paper space.

Modify Your Drawing

Revisions are a part of any drawing project. Whether you work on paper or with CAD, you will need to modify your drawing in some way. On paper, you must erase and redraw to make revisions to your drawing manually.

Once you draw an object, you never need to redraw it. You can modify existing objects by mirroring, rotating, scaling, stretching, trimming, and more. You can also change object properties, such as linetype, lineweight, color, and layer, at any time.